Get The Look: Zendaya Coleman Shares Hair, Beauty Care Tips


Actress Zendaya Coleman shared her hair care tips, beauty regimens and more with The Coveteur. She chatted about what she has learned while working on tv sets, her favorite beauty products and her favorite style icons. Read more inside…


Everything she’s learned about haircare

“Doing a hair mask and watching out for heat. If you’re going to use flat irons and curling irons you have to be careful and go through the proper steps to prevent heat damage—a lot of people think if they do a hair mask after, everything will be fine. But you have to prep your hair and use heat protectant. Another thing I learned is when you’re taking a shower, keep your hair off your body wash because the detergents and fragrance will dry out your hair. Other than that, pop a wig on! Then you can use as much heat as you want.

Silk pillowcases help lock in moisture, for all hair but especially for women of color—we have to be extra careful and protecting because curly hair gets drier much faster. If you have straight hair only one side of your hair follicle is really getting heat damage but if you have curly hair, all sides of the follicle are getting hit by sun and everything. It takes a lot more moisture and effort. These are all things I had to research and learn about—I’ve talked to the “curl doctors and researched about my kind of hair texture. Little things like wrapping your hair at night, having silk pillowcases, using moisture masks and heat protectant. I tell my little nieces so they understand how to use hot tools and trimming their hair every so often. I definitely want everyone to avoid the mistakes I made and do it the right way!”

Her favorite hair product

“The CHI hair mask is the one. I made my mom use it because she recently cut her hair and went icy, platinum blonde, and she was a brunette like me. So after a while her hair was brittle felt dry. And I’m telling you, the next day after the mask she was like ‘it really worked!’ It makes your hair really soft.”

On style icons 

“To me, there’s no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to style, fashion and hair. You just do what you want. Do not let other people’s opinions of you determine, or make you afraid of trying new things. If everyone looked the same there would be no such thing as fashion icons—you can’t look like everybody else and be an icon. You can’t sound like everybody else and be an icon, there’s no way! That’s why we have the greats of the great. That’s why Cher is who she is. They don’t care, they do what they want!”

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