Glitz to Glamour:Omarosa

Omarosa and I in 2006

I remember watching The Apprentice in the fall of 2004 and I absolutely loved the show! I love anything about business and this show really caught my attention. Who really caught my attention was Omaroseonee Manigault-Stallworth, most know her as Omarosa.

Omarosa’s latest book,The Bitch Switch

Omarosa is my next Glitz to Glamour girl. I watched The Apprentice in shock as this villain slayed thru her competition. Although she didn’t win, she was forever remembered as being the bitch on the show lol. Well I had the pleasure of meeting Omarosa several times since that show and I must say, she has always been pleasant. She came to Atlanta for a reunion show then I saw her in NYC.Each time I’ve been around her, she has always been a sweetie pie. People love to hate her but I always see a more gentler side, I don’t know maybe it’s just her image on tv. She is also an Ohioan like me!

Omarosa’s reality show, The Ultimate Merger

She told me that she was going through a divorce when I saw her at the Trumpet Awards in Vegas in 2006 and I felt bad for her because I had met her hubby prior.I then saw her out and about this year at the Naacp Image Awards while Lisa Wu Hartwell and I were hanging out  at the after party.

She has launched  two books, Pink Slip and The Bitch Switch. She premiered a new reality show called, The Ultimate Merger (a dating show). Today she has been very busy in the community. She now serves as the Managing Partner for Access America Ent Corp. Omarosa also currently spends time working with at risk youth and bringing awareness to homelessness.

Omarosa today

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