It’s Fall Time, Halloween Is Coming Up And Ten Things!


So my grandson told me that he wanted us to dress up like all the superheroes for this Halloween. It’s our thing and he gets a kick outta it! I’m just trying to figure out what superhero I will be lol. My daughter said she wants to be Wonder Woman so I’m looking online as we speak to see what works best for me lol. It’s getting chilly outside and I’ve already transitioned my wardrobe from Summer to Fall looks. Donated a lot of old items that I was not using because I hate clutter.

It’s that time that you will start to smell cinnamon and pine, which is annoying to me but most people love it! I just got in some new holiday wreaths from my dear friend Parker and I will share them in the next posts but I do enjoy decorating for this time of year. I found some really cool things that you will enjoy and might want to try and do. I hope you stay safe out there and do things with your family, it’s much needed! Speaking of that I’m traveling to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio so check back to see all the pics, more inside with ten things…

Ten Things…

  • Take the kiddos to Buford Corn Maze, they have lots to do for the whole family from hayrides, petting zoo, corn mazes, fall snacks and more!
  • Love these Vincent corduroy jeans by Mud Pie, so comfy I have them in pink but they come in 3 colors
  • If you’re like me and don’t like wearing heavy coats but still want to look stylish, I love this sweater jacket by Show Me Your MuMu, comes in a variety of colors too.
  • Looking for something to do that’s relaxing, try heading to Cloudland Canyon State Park. It has campsites, trails, waterfalls and mountains. Great place for a date if you guys love hiking and the outdoors!
  • I want this mini bas relief pearl choker for my daughter for her Christmas gift, it’s so dainty and girly, she will love this from Vivienne Westwood!
  • Saw these comfy Alpha lounge mansion slippers for the guy in your life, so nicely made by Fashion Riley
  • I screamed when I found these pink mesh gloves from T Label omg! They make other shades as well
  • Julianna Rae has some really sexy silk nightgowns, great for lounging at home or for travel
  • My son turned me on to Lofi, hip hop mix music that helps with stress relief, relaxing music, love it!
  • I tried a new soul food restaurant in Dacula, Ga called, FlavorTown Seafood Soulfood and Events, yummy! Try the chicken and waffles, their fried chicken is amazing!

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