Great News, I’m ENGAGED!

Hey guys, you may have noticed that I have been kinda M.I.A. and I have a pretty good reason! I just got ENGAGED and it’s been crazy around these parts lol! So yeah, on February 28th, my guy proposed to me on the way to the airport when I was headed to Los Angeles!

First let’s rewind and tell you about him. His name is Stan, we met at a Home Show at the Gwinnett Arena back a few months ago. Yes, you read that correctly, just a few months ago lol. When we met it was fireworks and great chemistry and what’s so funny, we almost didn’t meet! I have a friend named Jaqueline and her family owns a manufacturing company and they have a product that they produce. She asked me if I could help her at the home show at the last minute. At first, I didn’t really feel like going but it was not far from my house but I kept contemplating. I agreed to go but it was pouring outside, so I almost canceled but something told me to get up and go, so I did.

Later on I’m at the vendors booth helping her when Stan walked over to me and asked me for some decorating advice for his outdoor lighting. He had just built another new home and was looking for some home improvement things at the show. That’s how we met guys lol! After walking around the show, he circled back and asked me for my number. A few hours later, he texted me and asked me out to dinner. I was a bit hesitant but I couldn’t resist and those dimples of his! We had a great time on our date and the next day we went bowling, then the next day we went on a Sunday drive and the next day it was some place else and I can go on! We have been inseparable ever since! So Mr. Stan popped the question on Feb 28th and I said YES! He said he bought my engagement  ring the second week after we met because it felt right lol! I was totally surprised and didn’t see that coming but Stan said when he met me he knew I was going to be his wife! I will be 55 in May and Stan is 62, so you KNOW when you KNOW!

After being married for 20 years and now divorced for four years, another breakup in between and going on 42 first dates, I was exhausted trying to date here in ATL. We all know and heard stories about how hard it is to date here, it’s pretty brutal! I’m also working on a book with the experiences I’ve had dating here, I’ve had some crazy first dates!

And when you’re over 50, oh my gosh, just forget about it! I had totally stopped trying to date a few months ago because I was not finding anyone I was truly interested in. But now I am here to give women out there encouragement and hope because as bad as dating can be nowadays, I still always felt in my heart that there was someone out there for me! So never give up no matter what age you are! I’m a living witness to that!

Yesterday Stand and I went to a place called, 57th Fighter Group Restaurant where they have a champagne brunch. Everything was great and the staff gave us a complimentary bottle of champagne to celebrate our upcoming nuptials! We took a few snaps to announce our engagement, shot by my dear friend Jennifer who captured the lovely moment. Later, we watched the private jets take off from our window view, it was so much fun! Stan loves aviation and all things trains, planes and automobiles. So this was the perfect backdrop for our engagement photos! The wedding is set for September of next year in Florida on a yacht, so stay tuned! I’m on cloud nine right now, talk soon! xoxo


Images by Jennifer Jones

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28 thoughts on “Great News, I’m ENGAGED!

  1. I am happy for you. It’s a blessing to find someone that’s right for you these days. I love the story. This is definitely encouragement for those that is still looking for their mate.

  2. Encouraging article for me I’m 71 and obviously I’d love to meet that one person to clìck with, no games. The story about Tami and Stan sounds like something from a story book. 🎊 congrats to them both.

  3. I have a similar love story. God’s timing is Always the right timing and there is no timeframe on God sent love. I look forward to reading more about your love story as it unfolds.
    Best wishes!

  4. Congratulations Tami, God is Intentional” concerning everything He does to bring His plan together ❤ I pray each of you many blessings and good success. Always keep Him first and everything else will fall onto place as it pleases Him.

  5. Congratulations Tami!! I enjoyed reading the story!! May God bless you both continously eternally!!

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