Gucci Interlocking G Tights

I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas, mine was pretty relaxed and chill. My daughter Dootie buys me such lovely and thoughtful gifts and this year, she didn’t disappoint lol. She gifted me with a cute Adidas jogging suit (since I am always running around in them) and some fancy Gucci¬†tights. She said, “well mom, I remember when I was younger, always borrowing your stockings and tights.

I would always tear them up, so I thought about that and decided to get you some new ones. It’s to replace all the stockings and tights I ever ruined over the years” lol. I thought that was such a nice gesture and I love them.

They are very sexy looking and I was just eyeing them online, what a coincidence. If you love tights, or this particular style, they come in an array of colors too on the Gucci website and I plan to wear them on New Years Eve or a 70’s birthday party celebration I have coming up, Thanks Dootie! xoxo

Interlocking G Tights

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