Prancin’ In Shoedazzle Jadira Sandals + A Giveaway

My son Pootie is so funny to me! I asked him to take some photos of me in these sexy sandals and he said, “mom, how do you walk in those? They look really dangerous”. He is too cute for words but I have always been a lover of sexy heels. That’s why I picked these out a few days ago because of the style and the cute ruffle detail on the back. I hope to be like my mom (who’s in her 70’s) who still wears stiletto heels. I just think they make your outfit pop and I feel confident and alluring in them. More pics and where to find inside…

Sidenote: Stay tuned because on my Instagram in a few days I will be doing a Back To School giveaway with Shoedazzle! One lucky follower will win a gift card for $39.95. Now you can be just as fabulous when you head back to school, off to college or perhaps you know someone who is.

I’m wearing the Jadira heeled sandal from Shoedazzle they also come in a variety of colors!

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2 thoughts on “Prancin’ In Shoedazzle Jadira Sandals + A Giveaway

  1. These are very cute, I need to practice. I haven’t worn heels and kept them on in a while.

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