Halle Bailey Chats About Working With Beyoncé, Christmas Shopping For Oprah & Stealing Sister Chloe’s Clothes

Singer and Actress Halle Bailey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! Halle talked about living in the same building as her sister Chloe, stealing her packages, getting signed to a record contract by Beyonce, working with Oprah on their new movie The Color Purple and having to Christmas shop for her.

One thing about Halle, she ain’t talking and she don’t care what you guys think lol! If she is expecting which it totally does, she is doing a great job of trying to hide it! The hairstyles to camouflage her baby bump the a-line dresses and different poses are all well rehearsed. My thing is, in today’s time, who cares if she is or not but it’s not my business and I guess her pr team wants to keep her baby a secret. It’s giving me Janet Jackson vibes back in the day when she supposedly was expecting James Debarge baby and had Reba raise it, this is all alleged by the way lol!

She was pretty BRAVE to walk out on the set, I thought she was going to be already seated lol! This is all too comical for me but okay! See more photos inside, she looks very pretty and that dress is amazing! Love the hairdo too!

(Disney/Randy Holmes)

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