SWV Responds To The Ongoing Xscape Drama On ‘Sherri’

Today, talk show host Sherri Shepherd sat down with iconic R&B group SWV. The ladies did not shy away from addressing all of the drama that has been surrounding their reality show, “The Queens of R&B.” The group addressed if they regretted going on the reality show, saying, “we were a little disappointed.” They also discussed rumors about touring with Xscape, saying, “you never know, but we will NOT be anyone’s sidekick.” See below for quotes & clips. We’d love to be considered for coverage! More inside and video clip…


Sherri: Are you still cool with the ladies from Xscape?


Leelee: We’re ok [audience laughs]. We’re ok, it’s still fresh. Everything is still fresh.


Sherri: Did any of you regret doing the reality show?


Taj: A little. I do have a little regret. I knew going in, it was going to be a little stressful. I wanted it to be fun. I wanted us to go back to the 90s and relive our youth and have so much fun. It wasn’t anything that I thought it would be. So I kind of regret that part. I feel like now we’ll probably never be able to have that again. I was just a little disappointed.


Coko: Too much was said. Too much disrespect. It’s just been really crazy. And I honestly was not expecting it like that at all.


Leelee: They were hoping that getting all of us together, it would have been some real women’s empowerment thing. And it would have been so huge if we just got together you know … it can’t always be about one person. Somebody has to say “come on y’all we can do this together.” You get an idea, you get an idea, let’s do whatever it takes. You can’t ever get to that point if one person is pulling one person down. It would never work.


Sherri: Will there be a tour?


Leelee: Me personally, I always see the bigger picture.


Taj: You never know. If things can be worked out. We are NOT going to be anyone’s sidekick. And we’re NOT going to allow you to talk to us … it has to be fair for everybody.


Coko: If it’s fair, we’ll be there in our overalls and our flats.


Leelee: If anything, I think it would be really good for our fans!


Sherri: Would you go on tour without them?


All: We are! [in unison]


Coko: We will be on tour this summer. We just haven’t announced with who. But we will be out this summer!

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