Holly Curvy Short Set

Here is something that you don’t see me in everyday lol! During my photoshoot with Tags Boutique, I got really excited to model this cute Holly curvy short set! I would normally not wear anything with my legs exposed this much, I am just very conscious of them but the stylist assured me that I looked just fine. By it being so hot here in Atlanta right now, this is perfect for the weather but yeah, I wouldn’t have picked this out for anything in the world lol. Once I tried it on, I said to myself, “oh ok, it’s not too too bad” lol. Plus, you guys know I love pink, so I was convinced! It’s cute and comfy and can be worn to a cookout, party or out with friends. From my understanding, there are only a few left on the site. More pics inside and where to find….

Tags Boutique Holly Curvy Short Set

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