How Feminist Fashion Trends Changed The Image Of Women

Feminism has shaped the way we look at today’s women. Over the years, women have become more independent and appreciated by society. While it’s true that women have always held an inherent power, the new feminist trend shows it even more. Women are not only powerful but they’re sexy, confident, and astonishing. A woman in today’s society is pretty much what every girl aspires to become. She is empowered and fierce. She is bold and funny. She is honest and holds integrity. Let’s see how the new feminist tradition changed the image of the so-called traditional woman and discover how that has impacted society as a whole. 

The Most Important Feminist Fashion Trends

  1. No more conservatism

If in the past, women were not allowed to vote and were made to wear long dresses, the trends have changed now. Women are no longer living in the 19th century, where they must wear long dresses or long sleeves. Today, women can dress exactly how they like. That’s because they are confident that society is not judging them anymore.

And while some women think that dresses are still en vogue, others choose to wear pants and other accessories that are advantageous to their style. Susan B. Anthony was the first woman to wear a rather comfier dress and show that women are truly empowered. She showed us that women can wear whatever they want and are well-respected at the same time. To show support for Susan Anthony, more women started dressing less conservatively and more casually. This brings me to my next point.

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  1. What did the miniskirt bring?

The miniskirt was a concept unheard of before the 1960s. As I explained earlier, women were not allowed to show too much skin. They were considered to be too tempting – which is, of course, not extremely empowering for women who lived in the 20th century. As time passed, women started to dress more and more originally and show skin as they liked. The first highly debated item of clothing was the miniskirt, having been introduced in the 1960s. The skirt was designed by British designer Mary Quant, who dared to be different and think different. She showed women that they are not doing anything wrong by wearing what they like. 

Of course, the miniskirt brought on many discouraging reviews and showed that society was less ready for such a change than considered. However, this trend stayed because it is a symbol of empowerment and willingness for change. The skirt was named after the renowned car ‘The Mini,’ since this was the designer’s favorite car at that time. 

After the miniskirt appeared, other French and American designers realized that it was time for a change. Therefore, these designers started to create more and more empowering items of clothing such as swimsuits and bikinis. Of course, they were incredibly debated and not recognized as quickly as you’d think. These items were supposed to get worldwide approval; but for a very long time, they didn’t. 

  1. The pantsuits 

Dresses were incredibly popular among women back in the days – in fact no one would dare wear pantsuits. Pants were made for men use only – which is incredibly denigrating for any woman. This is why, at some point, some realized that there must be a change. Women should be allowed to dress “like men” if they wanted to. They should not be prohibited pants since that is clearly discriminative. 

The French struck again. Renowned designer Andre Courreges launched the first pantsuit item of clothing for women. This classic piece of clothing was slowly introduced as a new fashion trend and become recognized globally. As soon as that happened, numerous women became interested in joining the corporate world and become more and more independent. They no longer needed any man to support them. They would be able to support themselves. 

  1. Unisex 

Let’s talk about the last trend in fashion – the feminist unisex style. Today, both women and men can wear the same clothes without being discriminated. A woman wears pants and a tie and she looks wild and sexy. A man wears a dress, and he looks fashionable. The unisex trend is incredibly useful in helping both men and women feel more comfortable with that what wear. There is no more room for discrimination, everybody can wear whatever they want without being judged. Of course, customized clothes are always trending, but that doesn’t make everyone interested in buying such items.

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