How To Throw A Friendsgiving Feast

I had a wonderful time out in Los Angeles and Disney definitely knows how to show us a good time. They hosted a “Friendsgiving Picnic” at the Los Angeles Botanical Gardens while I was there. It was so pretty and the backdrop that they picked out was lovely. I enjoy entertaining and although I don’t do it as much as I like to, I still like the idea lol. I was a party/event planner for a huge event company back in my college days and I learned so much from them. I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to throw a Friendsgiving Feast for your friends, family or both. Step inside…

Location: This is the very first thing you should do. Once you have a place to host your event and lock it down, everything else will fall into place. Venue or location is key! This venue at Los Angeles Botanical Gardens was perfect for our make believe 100 Acre Woods location lol.

Guest List: Have an idea of how many guests you want to attend. You also want to have plenty of seating.

Theme/Tablescape. Have in mind a theme, then coordinate colors to match accents etc. Our theme was a “Winnie The Pooh” luncheon. All of this should be pleasing to the eye and you don’t want the centerpiece to be too big. You want your guest to be able to talk amongst each other with no added distractions.

Food: No party, picnic or event should be without some sort of food! Good food people remember and you want to always feed your guests. You can cook yourself or hire a chef or cater items. Your menu should also match the theme of the event.

Good Friends: Lastly, you want to have good friends attend! Mix up the crowd a bit with your guests, have fun and fellowship. Hope you have a great time!

Bonus: You also want to have a good photographer capture the event so that you can share your special moment. Good pictures make or break an event. Till next time!



Images by Me, Coralie Seright, Taryn Thomas

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