How To Transition Your Skin Care Routine From Summer to Fall Season

With summer approaching its end, it’s time to welcome the cooler days of fall. But as we transition to thicker clothes to match the temperature drop, we have to remember to do the same with our skin care products. After all, skin types can change depending on the weather, so it’s only right to adjust your regimen accordingly.

That said, here are some tips to transition your routine and ensure your skin stays happy and healthy through the coming season.

Add lotions and creams to your routine

Once the summer humidity ends, your skin may start to feel dry and itchy. Body lotions provide a protective barrier over the skin, allowing it to retain some moisture and draw in hydration to the outer skin layer. For extremely dry and sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend Avène’s lipid replenishing cream, which includes vitamin E and ceramides. This is important since dryer skin calls for a thicker cream to “trap in moisture better.” If you’re not the type who applies lotion every night, the chilly weather might make you reconsider.

Switch to a Moisturizing Cleanser 

The cold also means that your skin will begin to lose moisture to the dry air in the environment. Now’s the best time to swap your summer’s anti-oil cleanser for something more hydrating. The Snail White Whipp Soap recommended by Pretty Me boasts a ton of moisturizing and nourishing properties. Its main ingredient, snail extract, is known to promote naturally dewy and radiant skin. Even if it comes on thick, it lathers up well and doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight.

Get a Hydrating Shampoo

At one point or another, you’ve probably experienced dry, itching scalp, which becomes especially common during the cold. Luckily, hydrating shampoos can provide your scalp the extra moisture it needs. Watch out for ingredients like aloe vera and argan oil because they can deliver a generous dose of moisture, from your roots down to your locks. And if you need an extra layer of protection, Grow Beauty Group’s mane drop keeps your scalp coated</a>, ensuring that it’s healthy and soft throughout the day.

Don’t exfoliate too often

Exfoliating is an excellent way to speed up your skin’s regeneration process and allow other products to be better absorbed. And like we said, the cold can leave your skin feeling flaky, so it’s good to give it a good scrub every now and then. Just be careful not to overdo it, since beauty experts on Self warn that scrubbing too much can damage your lipid barrier</a> — the protective layer that traps in moisture. This can eventually lead to acne, skin irritation, and accelerated signs of aging.

That said, transitioning skin care routine to a new season doesn’t have to be hard. Contrary to what you may think, it doesn’t always require a complete overhaul. But one thing’s for sure: your skin will thank you. Not only will an adjusted routine keep it looking good, but it will ensure it stays healthy and hydrated too.

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