Iggy Azalea For Billboard Magazine


I still dont get all the hype with this Australian rapper called, Iggy Azalea but I guess the kids of today like her lol. Cute girl but have never really been into her music. I know that I love her cover shoot though with Billboard magazine. 

Iggy rocks some fun clothes for summertime and she has a cute lil physique on her, quite curvy I must say! Loving The Blondes embellished crop top she is wearing, nice! Check out her shoot and video below! Hope you guys have a fab weekend! xoxo

SHE PREFERS OLD-PEOPLE HOTELS. Are the accommodations trendy and filled with under-30s acting under 30? Sorry, Iggy’s not interested. “I want to stay in a place where 50-year-old rich people stay,” she says. “It’s not that I care who’s around me – I just don’t want anyone around me. And if it’s an old rich lady, they’re usually pretty quiet and disgusted I’m even here, which I like.”







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