I’m a lash girl

Hey guys, you know I looove my makeup and I am not caught dead without my eyelashes on lol. I love wearing false eyelashes and they really make your eyes pop. I get my face done by alot of great celebrity makeup artist and I take great notes. It’s really cute to watch how they all have their own techniques lol.

Pic by Derek Blanks

I think I can do my makeup ok when I take my time but I do know that I can apply some false eyelashes. I like to wear the strips. I cant do the individuals, because to me, they pull out your natural lashes.

M.A.C. Lash 7

I use to go to Andre Duvall many years ago to get individual lashes put on but boy did they ruin my real eyelashes. It took me months for my own lashes to grow back…yikes! Now I just wear the strips, plus it’s much easier for me. Check out the tutorial from M.A.C. Cosmetics senior artist Victor showing you the proper way to appy false eyelashes. I love their Lash 7 lashes,they make my eyes look super fierce.Enjoy!


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