In Case You Missed It: Damson Idris On ‘Good Morning America’

Actor Damson Idris stopped by Good Morning America yesterday. He said he started playing the role of Franklin Smith at 23-years-old and now he’s 31. He joked that he felt like his presidency was coming to an end lol. The British actor plays an ’80s drug kingpin in the tv series Snowfall, which is entering its sixth and final season.

Its the final season and I am bummed out about it! Thank goodness I have a media account and can see all the new episodes before the shows airs, it’s so darn good! If you have not watched Snowfall, you have to tune in, its full of twists and turns and leaves you wanting more. The Nigerian actor plays his role so well and I love his accent although you can hardly hear it when he speaks in his character voice lol! I do have to agree with the masses that talk about his relationship with Lori Harvey. Those two have ZERO chemistry in photos or is it just me lol! Let’s sit back and watch how long their “relationship” lasts after this show ends! See more inside and a video clip….



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