In Case You Missed It: Kenya Moore, Gretchen Rossi Plus Baby Moses Stop By The Tamron Hall Show

It was a special BIRTHday celebration on the Monday, September 16th edition of “Tamron Hall.” Hall, who turned 49 today, dedicated the entire hour to the topic of  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a journey she and her husband took to conceive her son Moses, who was introduced to the audience later in the show. Tamron also sat down with “Real Housewives” Kenya Moore and Gretchen Rossi who shared their personal celebrations and struggles with IVF, as well as IVF specialist Dr. Drew Tortoriello and OBGYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who discussed the latest advancements and technology.

“Real Housewife of Atlanta’s” Kenya Moore, who recently conceived her daughter through IVF discussed her pregnancy complications related to fibroids, her “serial optimism,” as well as her partnership with, and contribution to, the nonprofit BabyQuest Foundation, which provides IVF treatment grants to families in need.  Moore was later joined by her husband, Marc Daly, who made a rare television appearance to bring out their daughter, Brooklyn.

Former “Real Housewife,” Gretchen Rossi also joined Tamron to share the measures she and her fiance, Slade Smiley, took to conceive their daughter, Skylar Gray. Gretchen started IVF treatments when she was 36-years-old, ultimately undergoing five rounds of treatment, and Smiley reversed his vasectomy as part of the process. Rossi and Smiley have made it their personal mission to make the IVF process more affordable and in doing so, have partnered with US Senator Cory Booker to fight for more affordable fertility treatments.

Following her interview with Kenya and Gretchen, Tamron brought out IVF specialist Dr. Drew Tortoriello and OBGYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton to answer questions from the audience, specifically discussing the advantages of egg freezing, the challenges of pregnancies with fibroids and potential complications from the process of IVF.

Tamron closed out the show with a visit from her four-month-old son, Moses, who made his television debut in honor of his mom’s birthday donning balloons and a “Happy Birthday” bow tie.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Television/Jeff Neira

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One thought on “In Case You Missed It: Kenya Moore, Gretchen Rossi Plus Baby Moses Stop By The Tamron Hall Show

  1. Hi!
    Best of luck to Tamron on one of her many new and incredible ventures. Marriage, a Baby and a new Show, how wonderful!
    I wanted to graciously share a concern I had after hearing a comment on today’s show. Please let me share, I think Dr. Ashton is wonderful. I enjoy listening to her GMA topics and I am always impressed with her knowledge and empathy. Today however, I was a bit concerned by her comment; “my daughter is 19 . . . she will freeze her eggs at 25”. Theoretically, I respect her comment however as a Nurse (OR Nurse), Hospital Administrator, Physician’s wife and the mother of a 28 year old daughter, I can share her words brought fear to many. Facebook and other sites already try to solicit the 20 something’s to freeze their eggs. But in all honestly, it is not that easy – 1. Money – It is expensive, there are long term fees to freeze the eggs and for the procedure 2. Surgery – You need to have a laparoscopic procedure and may miss a day or two of work 3. with all due resect, it is an ethical decision that warrants being well – informed to make your decision 4. Legal – there could be legal consequences; if God forbid something happens to the young lady 5. Legal/Ethics – perhaps a will, POA and so on. My daughter is a practicing attorney. She is so busy and works crazy long hours, like a PGY Resident. Once Dr. Ashton’s comment was shared, she and several of her Peers were upset they had not already frozen their eggs and wished to jump at Dr. Ashton’s suggestion – fearing they may “loose” eggs. Honestly, I highly respect Dr. Ashton’s opinion, as always, but sometimes words are powerful. Maybe a follow up explanation for the 20 something single women. Just a thought. Thank you for listening! Robyn

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