In Case You Missed It: The Cast of “Power Book II: Ghost”on SHERRI

Today, talk show host Sherri Shepherd sat down with the cast of “Power Book II: Ghost.” The actors from the hit new series on Starz, Michael Rainey Jr., Gianni Paolo, Alix Lapri and Latoya Tonodeo, spilled inside secrets about upcoming unexpected twists and turns. They also had some fun!  Sherri asked Michael Rainey Jr., how he gets around in the series without a car. Watch his hilarious response below! Clips/quotes are courtesy of SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury. We’d love to be considered for coverage. More inside and a video clip…


Sherri: All the fans on twitter want to know if Tariq will get a car this season!? You’re always running!


Michael Rainey Jr.: So, I have something to say about that. I mean to be honest, the boy is doing pretty well for not having a whip, you know? He’s moving and grooving. He’s getting around. He’s in New York. You got drivers. You got Ubers. We’re good.


Sherri: I just wanted to say … since you are filming in New York. Here at the Sherri Show we wanted to get you a 30-day unlimited metrocard!


Michael Rainey Jr.: [Laughs] I needed this!

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