Isaac Mizrahi Sends Out A Message To Dan Levy Live On “Sherri”

Today on ‘Sherri,’ iconic fashion designer and entertainer Isaac Mizrahi revealed whom he would cast in the movie of his life – DAN LEVY – and he’s not afraid to shoot his shot LIVE on Sherri! See quotes and clip below. We’d love to be considered for coverage.  See the video inside…


Sherri: I really want someone to do a biopic of your life because it’s so interesting … who do you think should play you?


Isaac Mizrahi: I do too. I am a memoir. I wrote a memoir.


Isaac Mizrahi: Dan Levy. Oh, look at how cute he looks. He’d be the cute Hollywood version of me. If he puts on a few pounds. Can I get a close up? “Darling, if you’re watching. Dan, if you’re watching, call me and we can work something out with my memoir.”


Sherri: He would jump on that. I’m telling you.

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