Isoplus Affordable At Home HairCare & A Giveaway #MyBestDefense

Hello beauty LOVERS! I have some great news! I have become an official brand ambassador for Isoplus! Do you guys remember this product many years ago? It’s been around for YEARS and I always used their haircare products as a teenager when I was trying to do my own hair lol. It was an affordable at-home haircare product that I trusted. I was elated when the brand reached out to me to do a giveaway. The name of the campaign is #MyBestDefense meaning,“what’s your best defense is in life, love, work, or play?”

I would say my best defense is me trying to live my best life on my own terms. I am hosting a giveaway on my Instagram page and we will select 10 winners. I encourage you to follow me and Isoplus and all you have to do is leave a cute comment. We will pick the best 10 responses to win the blue cosmetic bag filled with free samples. Head on over there to enter today! There will also be a “grand winner” who will receive a year’s supply of beauty products from all Murray’s brands click here for info about that contest. More info inside and good luck to you! xoxo

Our new Black Castor Oil & Coconut Oil Collection protects and nourishes the scalp and strengthens damaged, thinning hair while helping to reduce breakage and shedding. Packed with nutrients for healthy, shiny hair.

Perfect for: Fortifying thinning hair. Especially in-between installing weaves/sew-ins and braids.

We love coconut oil for its multitasking powers. This sweet smelling system adds luster and softness—and treats your scalp! Coconut oil is full of vitamin E, which delivers deep moisture for your hair. Helps build elasticity, to prevent hair breakage and split ends, for longer stronger hair.

Perfect for: All hair types. Nourishes split ends and gives curly hair an extra dose of hydration.

Our classic Neutralizing Shampoo unleashes a potent – yet gentle – wave of cleansing action to remove buildup from styling products, pollution and even hard water deposits.

Use on “wash day,” or apply immediately after a chemical treatment, to clarify and restore hair’s natural pH balance. Gives stressed hair new radiance by eliminating all residue that dulls the hair without drying out the fiber.

Perfect for: Relaxed Hair and Naturalistas who use a lot of gels and leave-in products.

Our top-selling Oil Sheen Spray is infused with essential vitamins that promote strong, healthy hair. Light formulationcmakes a great daily moisturizer. Ideal for alleviating dry, itchy scalp for protective styles such as braids, twists and weaves without weighing hair down. With just a few spritzes,

this classic adds luster and shine for a polished look. Want a lighter touch? Try our new Coconut Oil formulation.

Perfect for: Protecting that silk press against reversion. Adding light moisture without H20.

Unruly edges are no match for this frizz-fighting product.

Whether you want “baby hairs” like TLC’s Chili or the

perfect slick back like Sade, our top selling Edge Wax has

you covered. Formulated with Australian Beeswax for high

Perfect for: Sleek ponytails, topknots, and braided styles (paired with an Ibiza brush and a satin scarf, of course!)

My stone milkmaid Bardot party dress is by Femme Luxe Finery, hair by Tyra In The City  shot by Pootie.

Isoplus Designing & Hold Spritz

Isoplus Black Castor Oil Sheen

Isoplus Oil Sheen

Isoplus Wrap/Set Lotion

Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo

Murray’s EdgeWax





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