It’s Pouring Out, Jammies All Day!


So I just looked out the window just now and its raining cats and dogs…omg! Thats telling me that I will be in my jammies all day. The weather calls for rain all day long here in Atlanta, argh! If you know me, I love being in my pajamas because they are comfy and make me happy. My family don’t like them as much as I do but I could wear them out to go get gas, food runs or grocery shopping depending on the style and make of them lol! I have many styles, colors, onesies, two-piece sets, gowns and more. As long as they are comfy, soft and colorful with a hint of pink, I’m good. Are you a pajama lover as well? Chime in and let me know. I hope you have a great weekend, stay warm and dry out there! 


Me and Dootie posed up in our jammies


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