Janet Jackson SURPRISES Sherri Shepherd

During a sneak peek clip of an episode of SHERRI, international superstar JANET JACKSON made her very first television appearance after just announcing her new tour, Together Again.

Every day this week, Sherri’s best friend and executive producer Jawn Murray teased the talk show host that there was a BIG SURPRISE coming for her this week after she has spread so much laughter, fun and joy with Sherri’s Merry Christmas.

Jawn said, “What do you give the woman who has everything? Even her own talk show. So, I thought about maybe I would give her some time with someone she loves.”

Sherri: I’m crying … the tears keep coming. I cannot believe that you are here. Are you real? Is this a hologram or is it Janet Jackson? Are you real? How is it possible that you’re here? How did you get here?

Janet: I brought you a little gift. [Janet hands Sherri a gift bag. Sherri takes out concert t-shirt from bag.] In April, I’m kicking off my Together Again [33-city] tour and I wanted to invite you to the first show. If you want to come.

Sherri: I heard that you’re looking for people to dance with you on some of your shows. Can I do the one where you bring somebody on stage, and you do the straddle thing?  If you need back up, I’ll stand in. I’ll do that for you.

Sherri: Absolutely I’ll come see you. You have inspired me … I sat outside your first concert at Blockbuster or Warehouse Records trying to get tickets … I sit outside your house when you lived in Encino all night. When you came out the gate and you saw all of those people screaming, that was me. You have inspired me for so many years and you are so absolutely amazing.


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