Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last week, both fabulous ladies Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian were on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jennifer filled in for the talk show host Jimmy Kimmel while his son recovers from surgery. Jennifer is a huge fan of Kim too and talked about being at her house getting fashion tips and more! They joked and laughed and Kim showed her, her latest beauty line and then they chatted some more. They were fun to watch and they looked great, Jennifer asked her a slew of questions, I have those questions inside and more pics plus a video clip…

  • Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s rekindled romance: “I think it’s so cute,” Kim said, then turned the question over to Lawrence. “I don’t know what to think,” the actress replied.
  • Which Kardashian-Jenner sister lost her virginity first: “Probably me,” Kim answered. “But I was in a serious relationship.”
  • Which of Kim’s ex-boyfriends was the craziest: “Chris Humphries!” according to Lawrence.
  • Kanye’s weirdest habit: “He falls asleep anywhere,” Kim revealed. “He’ll introduce me to people I’ve never met before and we’ll be at a restaurant and he’ll be like, snoring at the table.”
  • Kim’s surrogate: “How did you pick your surrogate, and why didn’t you ask me? Was I even in the conversation?” Lawrence asked. “I’ll know if I do it again,” Kardashian answered.
  • Whether Kim has talked to OJ since he was released from prison: “I haven’t,” Kardashian said. She hasn’t spoken to him in years, and the last time she saw him was at a club in Miami. “Did you ask him if he did it?” Lawrence asked. “I just never really go there,” Kim said.

(Pics by ABC/Randy Holmes)

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