Jessie Steel Aprons

I have been a fan of Jessie Steele aprons ever since I met them at the Atlanta’s Mart a few years ago. I have always worn their aprons, they are very sturdy, fashionable and just darn too cute! I have been in my kitchen more than usual and I always pull out one of their aprons to cook or bake with. They put me in good mood and they make for great photo opts. I wore one last year when I was at friend Jennifer’s home making peach salsa and salad, it was a fun time, click here.

If you never heard of them and you love to cook and want a fresh new apron, check them out, they are so adorable! You can thank me later lol. They also have mommy and me aprons too and a variety of other styles and colors. I have the pink magnolias Josephine apron on the way and can’t wait to wear it! Stay safe out there and happy cooking/baking!


Images via Jessie Steele

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