THE REAL FROM HOME: What The Ladies Will Never Again Take For Granted And Blair Underwood Was Almost A Tiger King!

On Tuesday, April 21 on The Real From Home, each co-host brings Girl Chat from her home, during the current pandemic.

The ladies discuss what they will never take for granted once the stay-at-home orders are over. Co-host Jeannie Mai has gained an appreciation for human interaction, co-host Amanda Seales has more gratitude for free time, and co-host Loni Love will always acknowledge the importance of her health and her friends’ time.

And, the hosts discuss how actor Christian Keyes’ Instagram post celebrating black women received ridicule for not including all women.  Loni thinks that if everyone had a friend of different color, culture or race, people would be more understanding and appreciative of differences instead of being bothered when they are praised.

Later, actor, producer and author Blair Underwood joins the ladies to talk about how he is holding up during the quarantine, the role that he most regrets losing out on, and how he had aspiration of being a tiger king in his youth. He also discusses his new book Olympic Pride, American Prejudice and his Netflix series Self Made.

Also, The Real reaches out to help a woman in Long Beach, CA, who had to close the small business she shares with her husband due to the COVID-19 outbreak and is unable to take on an essential job to pay bills because of an auto-immune disorder.

What The Ladies Will Never Take For Granted Once The Stay-At Home Order Is Over

Loni Love: What are some things that you’ve learned from your quarantine you will never take for granted anymore?

Jeannie Mai: My manicurist. (Chuckles and shows her fingernails) Still holding on, guys. (Shows her pinky finger) This one.

Loni: Wow.

Jeannie: No, but, you know what I never used to on a normal basis, and now it’s the number one way I want to communicate, is FaceTime. I really wanna see your face! I miss people! I miss connection. I miss your expressions. Um, I miss feeling people’s emotions and FaceTime is the closest we can get right now.

Amanda Seales: I’m not gonna take free time for granted anymore. Or making free time. I feel like I got very, just, busy. Like inundated with just the business of being busy. And, um, now that I was forced to kinda just have to chill, I’m like, “Oh! I don’t wanna be busy ever again.” Like, I work so hard in my life to get to be busy and– careful what you wish for kinda thing. And it’s just like you get there and you’re like, “I’m doing so much! I’m doing so much! I’m doing so much!” Then, it really can burn you out. And, now, I can really understand that when we get out of this, I just am gonna be more protective of my time and conscious of making time to not be working.

Loni: I won’t take my health for granted, um, anymore. I think that this– this time has taught me how important it is to be healthy and to be understanding of what you put into your body. I also won’t take my friends’ time for granted. Um, so the next time Adrienne invites me over to her house, I will come over there. I will…

Amanda: What about– what about when you invite us to your house?

Loni: Yeah, that’s not happening.

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