Joy Behar Reveals Barbara Walters Dated Richard Pryor On ‘Sherri’

On today’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomes Joy Behar, co-host  of The View,  and they share a never-before-told story about Barbara Walters. See the video clip inside….


Sherri: You liked it that I was scared of Barbara Walters. You used to laugh.

Joy: What was scary about her?

Sherri: I don’t know. She was just so formidable … I would tell you stuff and then you would go and tell it.  I never told this before, but I’m going to tell it. I told Joy that I had run into Paul Mooney and Paul Mooney had said that  he caught Barbara Walters with Richard Pryor.

Joy: What do you mean?  She slept with Richard Pryor?

Sherri: Yes, that’s what Paul Mooney said. And I came back and I was like, Joy, guess what?!? When you talk like that you know, don’t tell   nobody.

Joy: No, but I remember this.

Sherri: I came and I told you and I said Paul Mooney said that he caught Barbara with Richard Pryor. He walked in on them. And I was like, don’t tell nobody.

Joy: He walked in on them?

Sherri: He walked in … that’s what he said. He looked through the door. Don’t act like you don’t remember. It was just me and Joy … don’t tell nobody. And the next day Barbara walks in and you go, so …

Joy: I didn’t say you told me.

Sherri: But you say to Barbara, so you’re schlepping Richard Pryor, huh?!?

Joy: And what did she say? Wait … what did  she say?

Sherri: She turned around … you know Barbara’s head would swivel like that … she goes who told you that? I’m sitting there and I just got this job. And Joy, you do that because you’re not scared of Barbara.

Joy: You know, Barbara, between me and you … Barbara liked a brother.

Sherri: She did.

Joy: She was going out with a Black senator. Is this going to be on television? You don’t have his picture.

Sherri: It’s in her book. You always said Barbara loved a chocolate man. She loved Colin Powell. Every time Colin Powell came on she was all the way over here.

Joy: It’s true. She did. She loved a brother.

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