K Michelle Performs To A Sold Out Crowd In Atlanta!

K michelle

I kept chanting to myself this morning that I would no longer be a mean girl and write negative posts on people in the new year and I am trying to turn over a new leaf in life but these images that were sent to me this morning made me chuckle so hard of singer/reality star K Michelle! From my understanding, she performed here last night to a sold out crowd at Fox Theater and had them up on their feet but if I was sitting in the audience and looking at her, I would be very distracted the whole time from her beautiful voice because of her outfit of choice, her hairstyle and lastly her makeup job…lawd!

It looks like she is in a sparkly onesie, I can’t! Ok, you be the judge and look at what she wore inside! I have a million things to do this weekend and no more time for this foolery! I am so in the mood to go in but I refuse to lol! Oh and I heard that she brought out on stage Atlanta’s own Monica too! I would have loved to see that because both ladies can sing their butt off, (I never said K. Michelle couldn’t sing) but her image needs a bit more tweaking. To each it’s own sigh! xoxo

k michelle

K michelle

Two things: First, who did her hair? Secondly, that fugly makeup? Ok bye! 

K michelle

k michelleK michelleK michelle

Images courtesy of Paras Griffin/ThePhotomanLife

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