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prom night

My prom 1986!

I was trying very hard to find my actual Prom photos(update found one my Facebook friend and high school classmate sent me) but no luck. I can not tell you where they are! I think my mom has my pictures somewhere but ofcourse we are in two different states lol.  After what I have been through for the last several months with my own daughter who is headed to prom very soon, it prompted me to blog about my experience with helping her and compare it to my high school prom. Its so different now with these new-age kids and I really miss the good ol’ days when your mom/parents pretty much picked out everything for you and you had no choice because they pretty much paid for everything but just maybe you could suggest your favorite color for the dress. 


Prom Night 1984(not my prom)

Now its 2015 and I thought that I was going to be prepared for Dootie’s senior prom but I wasn’t. I saved up, I made my contacts in advance but she came in with her own list of demands and what she was and was not going to wear! First off, she wanted her dress custom made. I thought we would drive around to a few dress shops to pick out something fluffy in a pastel color but oh no, I have raised a true diva lawd! So I had to call up one of my favorite fashion designers here in Atlanta Reco Chapple to see if he was not booked up and if he could help her out. She told him what she wanted and he was extremely accommodating to her! (We reached out to Reco 2 months in advance).

Then we all know that Dootie is in beauty school at her high school and I just assumed that she would do her own makeup and hair. But oh no! She wanted a full fledge glam squad! So off I went to find a hairstylist and makeup artist to do the honors! This is getting expensive because you see, I normally work with my glam team for “my projects” but because its my daughter and not for me, they all offered a discount but it’s not free at all! The dress, makeup, hair, jewelry, shoes, car…its all on me and her dad Yikes!

When I was in high school, I actually went to three proms, three years in a row. This picture above was of me in the 10th grade(1984). I was shocked my mom actually let me go but she really liked Caryl and his parents. I borrowed this dress from my friend Leigha who did lots of pageants and my mom got my hair done and she gave me the pearl necklace to wear and I even believe I did my own makeup. We didn’t have glam squads back then lol. I went the following year with a guy I was dating and we wore red & white, then my senior year, I wore royal blue and hated it but my mom insisted I wear it because she got a really good deal on it because she worked at Saks.

It had rhinestones all over it with a lil caplet, again I hated it but wore it to make “her happy”. Ofcourse I wanted to wear pink sigh! I remember renting a 1986 Lincoln Town Car for my prom weekend but did you guys know that now the kids have to be 25 years old to get a rental? I called to find out a few rates and was so surprised to hear how much things have changed now a days! I know for sure that I was not getting a rental in my name and something awful happens then I’m stuck with the bill, no mam! No one co-signs for things anymore and I don’t blame anyone!  So I suggested to my daughter a Uber service or that I could call a friend that owns a limo business but the kids say they don’t want a limo find service plus my daughter’s boyfriend has his own car. These suburban kids are so spoiled, I tell yah lol.

Yesterday, we went for the final fitting at Reco’s boutique and I burst out in tears when I saw what he designed for her! She is going to look like a Princess and the custom dress is so pretty on her and I can’t wait to reveal what she looks like on Prom Night! Please check back to see all the pics, details and more! I’m getting old guys, let me go cry a lil bit more now! Till next time! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Prom Then & Now

  1. Awww I can’t wait to see the pics. Things are so different and I like Reco’s designs.

    I graduated in 1995. I paid for (and got to pick out) everything for senior because I saw the cost my mom paid for junior prom.

    My church did a godmother event last night. Free make up, shoes, accessories, desserts, fashion show etc. The dresses were beautiful. This time of the year it’s always fun.

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