Kandi Burruss Is Out, Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore And Possibly Phaedra Parks Returns To RHOA!

Reality Star, Entrepreneur, Singer and mom of three, Kandi Burruss confirmed on the red carpet at the Grammys the other night that she is NOT returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta! I learned of this information a few months ago that some of the Atlanta Housewives’ contracts were being stalled. Kandi got a bit antsy and Bravo was moving too slow to give her, her new contract. So she decided to “Stand on Business” and quit the franchise before they fired her. I guess Kandi got tired of waiting, so she just told Andy and Bravo producers that she would NOT be returning. If you think about it, I’m sure every year her pay rate goes up and with the ratings being at an all-time low, I’m sure Bravo didn’t want to pay her what she is worth! I’m sure it was an Executive decision on both parts.

Producer Andy Cohen went online today and confirmed that Kandi will not be returning to the franchise but that she is welcomed back at anytime, that was nice. It’s bittersweet right?

Kandi has given Bravo 15 years of her life. I’m sure that she has done EVERYTHING she could possibly do on the show, what else is there for her to do? She got what she wanted to get out of the show, and now it’s time to move on. Kandi is no dummy and her money is stacked! She is still doing big things with her Broadway show, movies, she has a singing career with her girl group Xscape, a family to raise and a few restaurants, plus a sex toy line. Hell, my head hurt trying to keep up with all she does lol! I know she is tired and would like to spend more quality time with her family, so I do understand.

I haven’t tuned in to the once popular reality show in quite sometime because I just simply grew bored with it and once NeNe Leakes left, it got kinda boring to watch. The audience agreed with me because the ratings have tanked for the last few seasons! Bravo and Andy Cohen thought to shake it up for the upcoming season and move some people around. I’m eager to see who will hold a peach this season. More inside…

I’ve been watching how friend to the blog Phaedra Parks has been moving. This beauty keeps a cute check and has been working the reality tv shows like a charm. She was on the new season of Traitors, she has done, The Ultimate Girls Trip and also she is currently on Married to Medicine. It was reported a few years ago that Kandi would not work with Pha Pha since the drama between them two but now that Kandi has left the building, I wonder will Phaedra come back to the show? Sources tell me, it might be a thing but we will have to tune in to see! Another former housewife, Porsha Williams (who is now married to a wealthy African) is set to return to the show as well.

Beauty Queen Kenya Moore is on a press tour currently for her new Lifetime movie, “Abducted Off the Street: The Carlesha Gaither Story.” She’s been talking about her recent divorce with her estranged husband Marc Daly. They both share a lovely daughter Brooklyn. She has confirmed that she too will be returning to the show as well. Moore was on the Tamron Hall Show today talking about the new season and the shakeup with the cast plus did you guys know that her ex Mark just got engaged again… what?

I’m also wondering if Sheree Whitfield will be returning or the other cast member Drew Sidora? I wouldn’t care one way or another with them and I almost forgot about Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richardson! She just had an adorable baby boy, I’m sure she is in baby bliss right now! It will be fun to see the baby this season. I’m also not sure if Marlo Hampton will return. She has been spending time with her family and hosting parties, I haven’t seen her out lately either. The rest of the “friends” of the show, I don’t know their fate either but if they do not return, I’m sure they won’t be missed lol. It is, what it is lol. So check back to find out who actually holds a peach this season, I’m sure it will be juicy, till next time!

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