Kenya Moore Opens Up About Cast Changes On RHOA & Kandi’s Departure

In today’s “Tamron Hall,” actress and reality star Kenya Moore joined the Tam Fam for a daytime exclusive interview during which she discussed her recently finalized divorce from ex-Marc Daly, her relationship with her daughter Brooklyn, the future of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” franchise and her new Lifetime movie, “Abducted Off the Street: The Carlesha Gaither Story.”  See more inside and a video clip…

Kenya Moore on her recently finalized divorce:

“I was 46 years old when I got married. I was waiting for the right guy. And I thought that I finally found my prince charming. I was so in love and we got engaged after about seven months of dating. And it just seemed like it started crumbling right before my eyes and I was losing my family that I prayed for my whole life…Everything is in divine order. And sometimes you have to see the bad in order to see the good in someone else. And I just feel like he wasn’t the one. But guess what? I got a beautiful, beautiful, perfect child. And she deserves to be happy.”

Kenya Moore on co-parenting with her ex:

“I feel like he’s been a FaceTime father. Even now, we’re in New York, he’s across the bridge and he hasn’t made time to see her for two days and we leave tomorrow. So and that’s, you know, he hasn’t seen her since last year, May…” She continued, “She loves her dad, and I want to make sure that she loves him. And this is all she knows right now. And I believe that men and fathers instill self esteem in our little girls. It’s just my belief and it may not be real but it’s what I feel and I just want him to do one job, just to love our little girl, just one job…Everything that I do is for my daughter. I want to teach her how to be strong. I want to teach her how to be focused if something ever happens to her, what to do. I’ve taught her how to fight. I’ve taught her how to hide. I’ve taught her how to dial 91. She knows her address, she knows all of the things. She’s well equipped for survival and being a strong focused Black woman. In terms of being loved. I think that I think that the world knows how much I love my daughter. She’s everything to me.”

Kenya Moore on her “RHOA” castmate Kandi Burris and the future of the show:

“They were thinking about after last season, recasting the show, figuring it out and it’s taken forever. And so we started making moves, you know, she [Kandi] started doing other projects. I started doing this project [“Abducted Off the Street: The Carlesha Gaither Story”]. I’m working on Kenya Moore Haircare. I opened a hair salon in Atlanta. I started focusing on other things and then you know, I think for [Kandi] time was not on their side and she decided to move in another direction. And we know Kandi will be fine. She’s that girl so she’ll be fine.” In response to a question about how long she’ll be on the show, Moore replied, “We haven’t made any final decisions. I think that they’ll be announcing that shortly. But you know, for me, I’m just focusing on the new for Kenya Moore, you know, the new for me, just my business and just focusing on leaving that legend for my daughter, you know, showing her who she can possibly be, just the legacy.”

In discussing Moore’s new movie, Tamron shared a personal story:

“I tell people all the time, listen to what’s happening, like your body and your mind will tell you. I was mugged on the street once. I’m walking, and I’ll never forget it, I looked over and I locked eyes with this person and I said, hmm. It didn’t feel right. Before I knew that he was dragging me down the street. And my arm got hooked into the handbag and I was able to break free but I look back at that moment and I remember looking at that individual and something about it didn’t feel right to me. And now 30 years of being a journalist, I’ve interviewed survivors of the unimaginable. And I can tell you, the majority said, ‘I had a feeling.’”

Kenya was wearing an Alexander McQueen leather dress, pretty!


Images via Kenya Moore IG and ABC

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