Kanye West For GQ Magazine

kanye west gq magazine july 2015

Rapper Kanye West is a busy man! He was just here over the weekend and I heard he did a phenomenal job too! Now the new July cover of GQ magazine it out and Kanye was named The Most Stylish Man Alive! Congrats to him but I’m a bit confused because all he normally wears is ragged jeans and dusty top but who am I, maybe I don’t know a darn thing that these fashion editors see lol. Check out who else made the list, you will be surprised lol. 


Kanye West
Ryan Gosling
Pharrell…cool style
Jeff Goldblum


Jared Leto
Bradley Cooper
LeBron James
A$AP Rocky…YES Lawd! 


Jay Z
Brad Pitt
Harry Styles
Daniel Craig…LOVE HIM!



Cristiano Ronaldo
Russell Westbrook
John Mayer
Jaden Smith


David Beckham…FAINTS!
Mark Ronson
Mario Balotelli
Eddie Redmayne

To read the full article click here, congrats to all the men!

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