Katt Williams Talks About First Date Fail With Sherri

I was so glad that I was home during this taping of Sherri today! Comedian Katt Williams was the special guest today and Sherri put his behind on the spot! She didn’t care one bit and reminisced on how he stood her up! She said, that she borrowed golf clubs from a friend and got a cute outfit because Katt told her he was going to take her out on a date golfing.

He was a no show. He was looking pretty complexed and uncomfortable when she asked him whatever happened and he had to think of a good excuse! Then he came up with that he thought she was going to meet him there lol.

Whatever happened to a nice phone call instead of ghosting someone Katt? Katt went on to say it was miscommunication but it seems there was a big mishap between them two, what do you guys think? I think he was just NOT that into her and he didn’t know how to tell her that in her face! I also have details on her blue knit dress as well. See the funny video clip inside….

Sherri was wearing a Versace La Greca jacquard midi dress

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