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After being booted from Celebrity Apprentice, which I’m sure Kenya Moore isn’t bothered one bit, is still landing lots of tv roles and magazine covers since she is still the talk of the town. Wacky or Tacky you gotta love her lol. She is the girl that everyone wants to hate but very curious to learn anything juicy on! Heck, I still blog about her even though she gives me major side-eye now since I said she got boo’d at a concert here in Atlanta last year lawd! LOL. Hey Kenya, it’s just the nature of beast, I hope you know that…wink! Anyway, she landed last weeks cover for Rolling Out magazine looking sexy as ever and yep I had to post about it because she looks pretty boss! Check out a few excerpts from her interview and more pretty pics inside! xoxo


As a producer, give us some insight as to what it takes to make a film.
Well, that’s a really loaded question. The hardest part if you’re doing an independent film is raising the money. If you’re doing a studio film, it’s to get a studio to want to buy it amongst thousands of scripts and producers and directors that they may already know or are already looking at. It’s nearly impossible. Only about 200 to 250 movies get made per year in the studio world. In terms of indies, with the new cameras that they have now, a lot of people will go out and make their own project but they are not really theater quality or they don’t have high production quality but they can be made. So there are other outlets for production now [as far as] distribution, I mean. The Internet is a great resource to get your product out there, but the hardest thing is to actually get someone to say yes or actually get someone to give you money for your film.

Talk about your future as you come into your own and work on the next stage of Kenya’s life. What are your next steps?
For me everything is about the future of my family. Every decision that I’m making right now is about securing my brand, parlaying that into what that means to family down the road. When “Real Housewives” is over … when the last show is over, what will I have left?
At the end of the day, I am an aspirational brand that people want to buy into. People want beautiful hair, beautiful skin and they want to feel good about themselves — you know, workout gear and workout videos and things that just make you feel good when you see more products, and that’s just what I’m building to — and that’s not only securing a future for myself but for my family and my kids.

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Story by RO Staff

Images by DeWayne Rogers

Makeup by Kimaris Jones

Hair by Kristen White

Styled by Kris Cole

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