Kevin Hart comedy show in Atlanta


Comedian Kevin Hart

This week was really jumping here in Atlanta! I was invited out to see Kevin Hart comedy show at Uptown Comedy Club in downtown Atlanta.I remember meeting Kevin for the first time last year at Jermaine Dupri’s all white party. We had so much fun and Kevin told me he was working very hard. I asked him where was his white for the party since all he had on that was white was an undershirt. He explained to me that he had just came from another event and he didn’t have any white lol. I also asked him to loan me $5.oo since he was making all that money. He went in his pocket and pulled out a knot(lot of money).


The funny comedian said, if he had change he would have given it to me lol! In his stand up show at the Uptown Comedy Club, he talked about being married,arguing with his wife,kids,friends,fights and his road manager. One funny story he told was about arguing with his wife. He said you cant look cool when you try to leave and slam the door and forget your keys lol.  I almost died when he told that story and reenacted the scene. The comedy club was packed and the other comedians that were othere did a great job too!


Comedian Lavar

I loved Lavar the host of the show. He did a great impression of T.I. my gosh he looked just like him when he added the shades and baseball hat. He wore a cardigan sweater and tie and the song came on,” You can have whatever you like”. People started laughing so hard! That was funny to watch. Well, Kevin Hart also said he will have a new movie coming out soon, so look out for that. I also ran into Pierre, I like him too! I wish Kevin and the others lots of success in their comedy careers!



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