The Monique Show recap!


Yesterday I was invited down to a taping of Moniques new talk show. I so happy to go and to see how a live taping is done. It was taped at Turner studios and the line was wrapped around the building! There were about a good 80 Red Hat Society ladies there too. It was so fun to talk to them. They came all the way from New Orleans. I’ve never seen any african american Red Hat ladies, so it was good to know that there is minorities in the group lol.

*You will notice in this post, I have no pics! I love taking pics but was not allowed to take any inside the studio,that sucked! lol

When we entered the studio it was pretty large. Ive never been to a set so large, so I was very impressed with the lay out. Her color scheme is gold and purple. 3 Chandeliers hung from above and they were very sexy looking. You would think that you were in her penthouse. She had a silk neutral colored sofa with throw pillows and a nice sitting chair for her. I loved the set design it was very sexy and chic. She had a lot of glass mirrored nick nacks on sofa tables that were hott. She has great style and I like when producers make the show fit your personality.


A guy then came out who was the warm up guy named Gerard and he was so funny. I was in the front row, so ofcourse he came over and picked with me then asked me to dance! Why did he do that? You know I love to boogy so I got up and he was like ok, Im going to need you to stand there for about 3 more minutes lmao. The crowd was like,Go Tami,Go Tami. That was fun for me lol.

In the same row was some hip hop moms. There was T-Pain,Neyo,J Holiday and Lil Wayne’s mom. The all looked so nice. I always talk to Neyo’s mom when Im out and she is not that much older than me lol. The guest on the show were announced and it was Actress/Comedian Kim Cole,Singer/Actor Mishon Ratcliff ,and Actor Columbus Short.

Then Monique came out and she has lost alot of weight! She wore a black dress, skinny black patent belt, and Black Christian Loubotin shoes. She had on a crystal gold n purple cuff bracelet too, to accent. I was in front row, so I saw all the lil details, loved it!

She was in good spirits and quickly noticed the Red Hat ladies taking up rows and rows of seats. She invited a few on stage and talked about how her grandma had passed and how she missed her. She spoke of the spirit moving her and that it was ok to cry and shout. The red hat ladies consoled her on stage. She did a lil dance with them and the show started.

First up was Kim Cole, who has a new game show on B.E.T. called, Pay it Off. The show airs on fridays at 10pm. She was funny and her and Kim joked around and talked about loving ones self.


Columbus Short came on next and he looked hott! He talked about his new movie, Armored coming out December 4th.


Last was actor/singer Mishon Ratcliff. He was known as Tay on Lincoln Heights but now has a new single out called, Excuse Me Momma. After the interview he performed, and he can dance too. Thats very rare to be able to dance, sing and act, another triple threat you guys, geesh!


So all in all, I had a great time and cant wait to go back. The band was also great and Monique’s side kick Rodney Perry. He is funny on her show but really didnt do much. Ive interviewed Rodney before and he has a great stand up act, I think she should do more with him. I liked her band too they played alot of old school songs. I quickly noticed Lil Jon was the drummer. Remember him,thats Jill Scott’s baby daddy lol.

I was reading online and noticed people commenting that she yells alot on the show.When I was sitting there, I did notice she was screaming but I was sitting right in the front row, we could barely hear her. They need to fix that stat. Good luck Monique, I hope you do well with your show.One day I will have my show airing on a major network soon!

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