Kiehl’s Launches New Apothecary Preparations

Kiehl’s is celebrating their national rollout of Kiehl’s New Apothecary Preparations I was invited out to their location at Lenox Square store in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, March 1st. I was given a complimentary consultation + gift bag to try their latest beauty items.

During the private appointment, they gave me a complimentary experience: This personalized skincare is their first-ever customized facial concentrate that is now available throughout the U.S. I was very impressed with the products and I can’t believe I was the first in the ATL to try it! I received a 1-on-1 free consultation for about 20 minutes + multiple Kiehl’s product gifts + my very own skincare formulation) by their trained expert.

It was so much fun and I can’t wait to try so many things they gave me! I already tested out the Ultra Facial Cleanser last night and the Ultra Facial Toner and my skin felt very refreshed. If you live in Atlanta or have a Kiehl’s in your area, you have to stop by and check it out! More pics and information inside….

Targeted Complexes: Wrinkles, Texture, Clarity, Enlarged Pores, Redness

Facial Serum

Inspired by over 160 years of apothecary expertise, Kiehl’s introduces a new level of
personalized service with tailor-made facial concentrates to address your unique skin concerns.

Blend your chosen targeted complexes with their skin strengthening concentrate to create a serum just for you.

Ultra Facial Cream Limited Edition 2017: A daily face moisturizer to support autism awareness

Ultra Facial Cleanser: A mild foaming cleanser for all skin types

Ultra Facial Toner: A mild yet effective facial toner for all skin types

Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Overnight Mask: An overnight face mask that delivers smoother-looking skin.

Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF25: Coconut oil lip treatment provides year-round protection.

My dress is by Unique Vintage(coming soon) and my handbag by Brahmin

Images provided by Sara Hanna Photography

This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions are my own.

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