Kirk Franklin Reflects On His Struggles To Find His Biological Father

On the Thursday, December 14 edition of “Tamron Hall,” the cast of “Kingdom Business” including Grammy Award-winning gospel artist and executive producer Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Serayah, joined the show for an exclusive daytime interview. The cast discussed gospel’s most scandalous series and surprised the Tam Fam with a show-stopping performance. During the conversation, Franklin opened up about his personal life and his recent discovery of his biological father. See more inside and video clip…

Kirk Franklin on what it was like for him to discover his biological father: 

“Just because you get introduced to love doesn’t mean that you know how to accept it. And I spent 53 years of my life hating a man that I believed to be my father because he wasn’t my father. And so you don’t just psychologically go, ‘Oh, I can just throw that hate away. Hey, Dad!’ You know, I’m still processing the fact that there was a man that went to his grave knowing that I hated him. And the fact that I lived all my life and 10 minutes away from me, was a man that was my father.” Franklin adds, “My therapist is making a lot of money right now… and I say that jokingly, to kind of keep from crying but you know, I’m in the middle of the storm even as we speak, and it’s really one day at a time.”


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