Tamron Hall Is Taking A Road Trip To Las Vegas With Miranda Lambert

Tamron Hall kicked off the Wednesday, December 13 broadcast by announcing her upcoming exclusive interview with Grammy Award-winning artist Miranda Lambert to air in January on “Tamron Hall.” Filmed in Las Vegas in support of Lambert’s Velvet Rodeo Residency, Tamron teased that the sit-down leaves “no stone – or drink – untouched.” After the thrilling news was shared, Tamron welcomed Chef Kristen Kish, who was recently named the new host of Bravo’s hit series “Top Chef,” as well as Chef Eric McCree and The Potash Twins to the “Tamron Hall” kitchen for her holiday potluck. Alongside the renowned culinary masterminds, Tamron crafted mouthwatering dishes including Kish’s caramel apple custard pudding, McCree’s famous gumbo and the Potash twins’s unique, pickle-infused potato latkes.

On today’s holiday-inspired show, Tamron continued her wonderful “Week of Wishes,” by sending the Tam Fam home with an abundance of delectable products including the Vitamix Propel Series 510 blender, a Murray’s Cheese holiday table box, a Business & Pleasure Co. apron, the Instant Pot Rio Wide Multicooker, the Levo II Oil Infuser, Heray Spice’s Afghan Spice Collection, a Graza gift card, stuffed cookies & a DIY decorating kit from Dirty Cookie, a bundle of Crank & Boom’s seasonal ice creams and a private cooking class from The Chef & The Dish.


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