Legend’s Style: Solly Baby Teal Sleeper

My grandson baby Legend is such a joy to me! He is now experiencing his first Fall. He has been looking at all the trees and picking up leaves. Ofcourse everything goes in his mouth first and I have to remind him that some things are dirty lol. I have a huge magnolia tree outside my window that he stares at from my bedside, he loves it. He makes baby noises, plays with his feet and enjoys looking out at it, it’s the cutest thing ever. I was recently sent a new sleeper from one of my favorite baby brands, Solly Baby. They have the softest organic outfits for babies and this one was super cute from their Fall collection. More pictures inside, Happy Monday everyone!

Location: My Spot

Hair: Me

Sleeper: Solly Baby Teal Sleeper

Photographer: Me


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