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I was watching Lenny Kravitz on The Wendy Williams show last week and I really like him. He is so cool and laid-back at least that is what I saw from watching him. Some people are quite different in person or around people they know but I still liked his spirit! He sat down with Uptown Magazine where he discussed the passing of his parents, his music and his daughter. Check out more inside! 


On getting married again after dating starlets and supermodels:
“I’m waiting. It’s coming. It isn’t a far-off thing anymore.”

On having more children, and what his daughter 25-year-old Zoë Kravitz offered:
“I would like to do it again. That’s the way I feel, but when I bring it up [Zoë’s] like, ‘Slow down. Slow down. I can have kids. Slow down.’ So I don’t know if she’s too keen on it.”

Reflecting on the deaths of his mom and dad:
“I thank God every day for my health. [Health], for me, is where it begins and the rest is gravy. Also [I’m thankful] for being disciplined. As they say in the Bahamas, there are a lot of talented people living under the bridge. A lot of folks driving cabs, fishing and working in the streets can act and sing better than people getting Oscars and Grammys​.”

On his love of fashion, specifically Saint Laurent:
“What I like are clothes that are classic rock and roll. Saint Laurent has that retro inspiration but its cleaned up and made into modern fashion. Their clothes fit my silhouette. They’re clothes that feel like me​.”

On his future:
“I feel like whatever I’m supposed to do or get or achieve will happen, and what’s not mine is not mine to have. My grandfather used to tell me when I was a kid, ‘Nobody can take anything away from you that is yours.’ He also used to say, ‘the best is yet to come.'”



images courtesy of Uptown Mag

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  1. I love Lenny. I didn’t see the show. But I am wondering, how can marriage be not so far away if we haven’t met yet? I kid, I kid lol.

    Seriously I like him an his celebrity. He’s famous but seems incredibly humble.

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