LeToya Luckett Chats About Her Dating Life And Her Relationship With Self-Esteem

On the Tuesday, February 20th edition of “Tamron Hall,” actress and R&B singer LeToya Luckett opened up about her love life following a recent Instagram post on Valentine’s Day, sharing that she’s currently in a place of peace and stability. LeToya also explained how her mom’s daily affirmations served as a positive influence and led her to learn her own self-worth. See more inside and a video clip, plus the details on that gorgeous outfit she was wearing….

LeToya Luckett on her dating journey and current relationship status:

“I will say that, daily, I am spoiled with kindness. I am spoiled with peace. I am spoiled with support. I am spoiled with consistency, love – and I had to give it to myself first – but the fact that God saw fit to put it in the form of a man, I won’t complain.” She added, “I’m very happy. I have so much peace, y’all. I have so much peace, I’m happy and I’ve never really been in this space before because I felt like even since [I was] a kid, I’ve been moving around, trying to figure it out and then, you know, getting married, having kids, going through a divorce and moving cities, it was a lot. I feel like I’m finally in a place where I’m stable. I’m stable and I feel good.”

LeToya Luckett on learning her self-worth from her mom:

“My mother is a very confident person. And as a single mom raising two kids, I remember her standing in [front of] the mirror in the bathroom and saying, ‘Girl, you look good. Girl, you got it.’ She was literally saying her affirmations in the mirror as I watched her get ready. And I used to say, ‘Mom, don’t say that,’ ‘cause I felt like this humble little girl that was like ‘you don’t have to say you’re pretty. Allow other people to tell you you’re pretty.’ But now I know why she did it, ‘cause this world will try and break you, so you gotta start your day telling yourself ‘I got it. I’m enough. I am beautiful.’ And she did that, I watched her do that.”

LeToya was wearing a LaPointe satin asymmetric top and maxi skirt, pretty!

(ABC/Jeff Neira)

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