“Little Miss” Attacks And Takes Over The Internet

Have you guys seen the latest “cutest” memes that are taking over the internet? “Little Miss” is attacking the internet right now, some people are here for it, some are scared at how accurate the memes are lol. The memes started as a way for people to speak candidly about their mental health, physical struggles, and even insecurities. People are claiming traits they might have been embarrassed about in the past. Fans of the brand sometimes post them if they feel they have emotional instabilities or to poke fun at themselves. You can find them over at Instagram or TikTok @littlemissnotesapp

Even corporate, fashion and beauty brands are catching on to them adding to their social as well! This craze started at the beginning of July 2022 by @starbucksslayqueen when she shared their graphics on TikTok, gaining even more attention for characters like Little Miss Forgets To Eat and Little Miss Depression Nap. The hashtag #LittleMiss now has over 41.4 million views and is overtaking the TikTok, if you haven’t seen or heard of them, you might want to see what all the fun is about! Have a blessed day everyone!


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