Long Overdue Girlfriend Luncheon

It felt so good to get out of the house yesterday afternoon! I haven’t seen my buddy Jennifer in a few months since the pandemic hit. We both had birthdays recently and wanted to celebrate together like we usually do. Jen shared with me that she was making her famous Honey Roasted Lavender Chicken and I was too excited to try! Jen laughed as she told me that she is always so extra when making her themed tablescapes but that she’s a Southern Girl and loves to entertain. I have learned so much from her and we often share recipes and more since we both have a love and passion for food.

Once I arrived, I was blown away with all the pretty flowers that were blooming in her yard and inside. I could smell lunch cooking and yes it looked delicious! We caught up on life, our kids and what’s going on in the world. We both have different views on politics and more but that hasn’t stopped us from being friends and talking about important subjects in our life. Plus we respect each others opinions. I have been knowing Jen well over 15 years and we get along great. She also has family members that are in law enforcement and we talk about that as well.

That’s the thing with friendship, you can agree to disagree and try to find logical solutions and talk it out. It’s not hard but we ALL have to live together in harmony and try to find solutions. It’s just about loving one another and trying to find positive solutions and with a lot of prayer.

After lunch we headed to the deck and enjoyed the warm weather and sipped on cold drinks. I enjoyed my afternoon of fellowship and I left feeling very grateful for friends like Jen. Everything was lovely and I will have the Honey Roasted Lavender Chicken recipe for you soon! Until then, enjoy the pretty pics inside. Be safe everyone!

I gifted Jen with Williams-Sonoma tall flat tumblr Bee Honeycomb Glasses, they made the table scape complete!  They are currently sold out similar 

Buttercup enjoying the sun!


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