TWT TEA: Say What? Kenya Moore Alleged Boyfriend MARRIED! Lawd!


Kenya Moore and James Freeman posted this on March 22, 2015

So I am so confused now because I just got word from looking online today that reality diva Kenya Moore boo is married? How in the heck did this happen? See how people can fabricate their stories? I don’t know who to believe anymore and it all seemed very fishy from the jump! This news comes out right after the last episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on Sunday and we all know Kenya is trying to promote her new online tv series Life Twirls On. Just maybe she wanted to keep herself in the headlines after the show went off. This all seems so fabricated with her and Patti Stanger who hooked her up with this dude James in the first place. Was this all for tv ratings for Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker?

I was all happy for Kenya and sent her a dm on twitter congratulating her and she was all excited and said that she was so happy. Then this guy gets married shortly afterwards? Hmm? Did both Kenya and Patti know good and well dude was engaged to marry his true love but still casted him and paid him to appear on the show? Was this guy James on there to promote his real estate business or to pay off a few bills? I don’t know but its all smells like b.s. to me and this is why reality shows are declining in ratings because mostly everyone is now on to them and all their fakeness! Welp, I have the image of him inside with his new wife Jaimi who’s a volleyball coach! Chile this is too much, let me go lay down! 

kenya moore boyfriend married


Here’s a few pictures of James and his pretty wife Jaimi Gregory-Freeman

Kenya put out a statement via social media stating a bunch of nothing and I’m just rolling my eyes and shaking my head now lol. Millionaire Matchmaker was filmed late September 2014. James and his wife Jaimi married 12 days after Kenya & James posted a pic of them together out to dinner via the internet on March 22, 2015. Then on April 3, 2015 James was hitched to Jaimi…wow! So why did Kenya post a pic of her wearing a diamond on her ring finger a few weeks ago? Maybe to drum up folks to watch the show, who really knows! Who does that? Yeah this is so fishy, smh! These folks will sell their soul won’t they for a few coins? I just don’t get it! Smh!

Kenya Moore’s official statement…

Unfortunately, I just learned today that the man I met and fell in love with from Millionaire Matchmaker was married a week after the show aired. I am astounded and devastated to have learned of this news VIA social media as opposed to from him directly. However, I still believe in love and my heart remains open to the man God has for me. I wish him well.

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3 thoughts on “TWT TEA: Say What? Kenya Moore Alleged Boyfriend MARRIED! Lawd!

  1. I never post a comment, but wanted to concur your statement of reality tvrating going down. I sure hope everyone sees the lieesssssss behind social media and reality tv. My favorite, Kandi isn’t the same person anymore. No one is humble. BTW I read almost every day.

  2. OMG…..chile bye Felicia……LOL

    Both Patty and Kenya need their tails beat!! Patty has just discredited herself and her show by allowing this bs….Chile I dont know how folks go on her show anyway. How you gone get matched by somebody who aint matched herself….The devil is a lie and the truth aint in him….ROFL

    I know those folks for Millionaire Matchmaker investigate the bachelors better than that. That dude was tryna come up…Kenya just needs to twirl on…..


  3. You said it best, from what I read today, the wife came forward and said James “forgot” to tell her that he did the show but that he only dated Kenya a few times before breaking it off with her. Then 3 months later he met her and they got engaged and then married in March 2015. That dont sound right and where is James’s statement? Why is the wife breaking her silence? Yeah he sounds shady and Kenya knew that he didnt want her and then went ahead and ran with the story for all the attention, like she always do, chile! I even dm’d her congratulating her a few weeks back and she still acted like they were dating when he broke it off with her almost a year ago. Then tweeted that pic recently! That episode of Millionaire Matchmaker was filmed back in Sept 2014. Wow, the deceit from them all, They should be ashamed of themselves! Smh!

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