Why I LOVE My Ivy Readers


After I turned 40, I noticed that my eyes started to change. I never wore glasses before but things started looking very blurry. Working on the computer pretty much all day and reading small print on my smartphone didn’t help either. I started looking around and doing some research on readers and found a brand that I fell in love with and have been wearing for a few years now. Thing is, I get the exact same pair from I Heart Eyewear all the time!

I’m a nature of habit and if something looks nice and feels good, I tend to just keep buying the same thing! Same with clothing too, if it fits my body type I usually will get them in a few colors and stock up! People stop and ask me all the time where do I get my readers from and I gladly tell them. I just love the shape of them, the style and color!

So these Ivy readers are my fourth pair and I’ve actually lost a pair, burned a pair(don’t ask me how lol) and recently cracked a pair by sitting on the accidentally. So this is hopefully my final pair and just maybe, I can hold on to these! Thank goodness these readers have not been out of stock because I think I am the companies best customer lol. Visit the site to see all their eyewear, they have a lot to choose from and tell em I sent yah! xoxo


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