Loving My Christmas Tree

I’m so thrilled to reveal my Christmas tree this year! Not only because that means that the holidays season is about to start but because I think that my tree designer, Parker Simmons ate the decorations up this time!!! I loved the vibrant jeweled tones and ofcourse my favorite color pink! I’m so blessed to have dear friends that see about me and Parker came thru for sure!

Parker is pretty booked and busy this holiday season but I still had to showcase her skills! Maybe, just maybe she can do something for ya next year lol! She gets busy starting in early October, so make sure to book accordingly! I’m getting in the holiday spirit slowly but still wondering where did time go right? This year flew by, I can’t believe it! I’m still trying to recover from the summer but okay here we are!

I asked Parker what was on trend this year, she said its still pretty traditional colors but just over the top! Nutcrackers are pretty huge this season and using black & white colors. When you think it’s enough, add some more she said lol! Parker goes to actual workshops and seminars all about holiday decor and she said it’s such a HUGE business now! Ribbon can cost up to $500 a roll, wow!

I also would like to thank King of Christmas for sending me this 7.5 ft frock tree that I love so much because it’s so easy to assemble! I just sat the tree stand down, stuck the three pieces in, and it was done and the lights are already on the tree, thank you so much! See all the fun and how my tree turned out inside…Have a safe and fun holiday season, we all deserve it!


King of Christmas King Flock 7.5 artificial Christmas Tree with 800 white led lights

We went for a more festive look!

Friends for over 15 years!

Disco Balls, Jewels, Sparkle Bulbs

It’s the details for me!

My caftan dress from Unique Vintage emerald floral fringe flutter sleeve dress

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