Loving My Glamorous King Of Christmas Tree Designed By ‘Wrap Star Atlanta’

Hello guys, are you starting to decorate for the holidays? I just received my brand new flock tree from King of Christmas and it put me in such a festive mood! My grandson was at my house when it was delivered and he said to me that he wanted to put up the tree!

I called my dear friend Parker Simmons who you guys have seen on my blog a few times. She is the best in Atlanta when it comes to holiday decorating! She was also on a reality competition series called, “Wrap Star” where she had to wrap unique gift items. She decorates homes, does holiday gift wrapping and a whole lot more! I hired her to come by my place and give my boring tree some pizzazz and I loved the outcome!

Its so glamorous now and all I did was tell her my color palette at my spot and she went from there. I also learned so much about tree designing too! Parker is an expert and has taken lots of classes, attended seminars and trade shows where she learns the greatest and latest information on what’s hot for the season, trends and more!  I also learned that it all starts with your ribbon and that makes a HUGE difference in how your tree turns out! She taught me decorating tips like using pipe cleaners to attach bulbs, ribbon and garland, who knew!

She then placed two up to three bulbs on a wire for faster installation! It was so much fun to sit and learn from her and even my grandson Legend got in on all the fun! I also want to thank King of Christmas for my tree, I love it and its really well made that came with a remote control for the lights! My grand baby learned how to work the buttons in a matter of seconds and he’s three, so we know adults should get the hang of it too lol. It was so easy to install and no hassle at all! I picked out a frock tree that’s 7.5 inches tall and pre-lit. It saved me lots of time and my tree was up in a matter of minutes! See more pics and links where to find everything inside….

Parker said to always buy items in the quantity of threes. Work diagonally because that’s how the eye looks at things. Everything should flow and coordinate. Also have a theme in mind or color palette.

You can find Parker on Instagram at Wrap Star Atlanta  For a holiday installation, it starts at $1,250 and up. Book your appointment, she is almost filled up for the season!

This is high quality ribbon, so pretty! I loved all the sparkle too!

King of Christmas Frock high quality artificial pre-lit tree

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