Lunch & Learn With Atlanta Plastic’s Dr. Aisha Baron

Dr Baron

Yesterday afternoon I had a nice time hanging out with one of the stars of the new hit reality series called, Atlanta Plastic. I had the opportunity to have lunch and learn so much from Dr. Aisha Baron. She was full of knowledge and I got the chance to pick her brain about the world of plastic surgery. She has not even hit her 40’s yet but she already has a thriving medical practice here in Atlanta with lots of patients.

I found out that she is a wife, mom and still learning the business of reality tv all while still conducting numerous amounts of cosmetic surgeries weekly. Check out what I asked her inside and don’t forget that the finale of Atlanta Plastic will air on Lifetime this Wednesday at 10pm, you don’t want to miss it! 

Dr Baron

Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor?

I was brainwashed by my parents when I was young lol. But no seriously, I always loved science and things like that. I thought watching surgeries was fun.

What made you want to do reality tv? 

I wanted to showcase my professional talents. Plus there aren’t that many positive images on television anymore. No more positive sitcoms and I wanted to show women doing positive things. I’m a double HBCU alumni and I wanted to show me being succussful and that these things can be attainable. My peers seem to be very pleased and I even went back to my old residency program to speak and it was very gratifying and everyone is embracing the show. We don’t sensationalize plastic surgery either.

Dr Baron

What is the first steps in preparing for plastic surgery?

You have to prepare mentally and physically for plastic surgery. If you have medical problems or family history you have to prepare. You have to get your general health in order and your weight, it will give you better results. It also makes my job easier. If you are physically fit and exercise regularly, then you have better results. The skin will look better. Its not always a walk in the park and its recovery periods. Its going to hurt and its easy to get side tracked. Afterwards, you will feel like you got hit by a truck. Everyones perception of pain is different too.

What is one of the most requested procedures that people ask you to do? A lot of women come in and want to have a “Mommy Makeover”. After having a children, women want to boost their confidence and get their bodies back. They may get a tummy tuck or breast implants but I also recommend that you wait to make sure you are done with having kids first. Mommy Makeovers can cost from $9,000 to $20,000.


Atlanta Plastic airs on Lifetime, Wednesdays at 10pm



Images shot by Genae Banks Photography

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