Lunch & Learn With Talking With Tami

Hello my lovelies! What a fun experience I had yesterday afternoon at my Lunch & Learn held at Zinburger with aspiring blogger Dionne (Closet Whisperer). I get tons of emails, people approaching me, or I get dm’s from people wanting to know about the world of blogging. I thought to give back and invite two people to lunch and pick my brain about blogging and all it entails. My other winner abruptly sent me a message 30 minutes before we were supposed to start, that an accident occurred and she was not going to make it, hope you feel better.

I have been a blogger for well over 10 years now, wow time flies! It is still pretty new, it’s very time consuming, and tedious but some of us make it look easy. There is SO much to blogging but I tried to give Dionne the basics and answer her questions and concerns. Most people that try to start a blog lose focus, they can’t seem to think of things to blog about or they simply just get frustrated. I always say to people, you have to be consistent and have something unique to say. Plus great images helps a lot but yes blogging is NOT for everyone. Usually people give up after three months. Dionne wanted to know how to grow her audience, creative things to blog about and ways to generate multiple streams of income from it. 

I also gave her insight on ways to make her blog more appealing to the reader, branding herself and also heading out to events to network and letting people know about her and her site. She told me that she was a introvert which I find funny because you definitely have to be a people person to get ahead in blogging, its mainly all about being social.

After chatting, we ordered lunch which was very scrumptious then took a few pictures outdoors. I love Dionne’s personality & style and offered her a month of mentorship which I normally don’t do because of my schedule. I just felt like she was very eager to learn, I loved her drive and she is a smart cookie. Dionne holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Georgia State, she is 29, works full-time at Google and in her spare time, she also does closet organization which is her other passion. I have been familiar with Dionne for a few years now because I follow her, she also attended my Blogger is the new Entrepreneurship luncheon a few years back. I love her personal style as well. We will see what transpires but for now I will take her under my wing and show her the ropes lol. Check back to see some of our adventures together! I want to shout out Zinburger for hosting us and for those out there, NEVER give up on your dreams, it will happen. Till next time! xoxo

Our waiter Desean and Executive Chef Joshua

Dionne ordered the Breakfast Burger

Strawberry Shake

Dionne doing a few snaps for Instagram

I ordered my favorite Turkey Sloppy Joe

I LOVED Dionne’s summer outfit!

Images shot by Me, Dionne and Chef Joshua

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2 thoughts on “Lunch & Learn With Talking With Tami

  1. Tami….great recap of your lunch & learn. You and Dionne look fabulous! And I hope your other attendee is doing ok. You are such an inspiration to all especially me(but you know this, lol)! Also, to offer to be a mentor to Dionne is awesome. She’s in good hands! And that food looks devine. I’m going to have to try Zinburger. You are so right about blogging. I have been blogging 8yrs (occasionally) come September and who knew where blogging can take you if I had stayed consistent and not lose focus here and there. But all of that is about to change.

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