Manicure Monday: OPI Gel Bubble Bath Polish

opi gel bubble bath

Morning to yah! I will be the first to admit that your girl has NEVER had a gel manicure! I know that sounds crazy and shocking because I use to be a professional manicurist but I just never got around to getting one plus I have been reading up on it with concerns about if its actually safe or not. I know when I did nails back home, I hated the smell and using acrylic daily and would sometimes try to talk my clients out of getting them but they were fiends for their acrylic nails and loved it. The smell gave me migraines all the time but I did it for years. Now years later, they’ve come up with this gel nail system and I still don’t know how I feel about it yet.¬†



My kids gave me these blooms for Mother’s Day, Love you guys!

So yeah, I’m still doing my research on the product but one thing is for sure, my polish has NOT chipped yet and my manicure looks fabulous. I went to a nail party a few days ago and they offered the service to me that literally took minutes to apply. They said it should last me about 2 weeks. I’m on week in and still looking pretty good. I picked out OPI’s gel polish called, Bubble Bath. I never really paint my nails because I hate getting them done then they chip plus I wear lots of colors and sometimes my polish doesn’t match, so I ¬†just never really bother with it. I like this blush tone color, goes with everything and its nice to look at everyday instead of some loud color that I would get sick of looking at in about 2 days lol. So far, so good though. Available in stores now! xoxo

opi gel bubble bath



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