Never Giving Up NO Matter What!

sarah cudd

I just watched this extremely inspirational video of a female army captain by the name of Sarah Cudd trying her hardest to cross the finish line after a grueling 12 mile march. She was also carrying 30 lbs on her back too trying to pass her elite test. I do not know or have any family members in the military, so this is something way out of my league but from watching her interview on Nightline, it made me shed a tear. 

sarah cudd

So many times like Sarah, I too wanted to quit doing this blog and other things that I have tried to accomplish in my life. Nothing comes easy, I can contest to that. Its very hard out here and when you have very little support or people that understand what you do, I many times want to shut down this expensive site and find me a 9 to 5 lol. Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me NOT to do that though. Thats the easy way out and Im not a quitter. Everything that I’ve set my mind up to do, I have finished. From graduating from college, to opening my own nail salon, to moving here to Atlanta and knowing noone, to starting my own cable access tv show that transitioned into this blog now, I achieved so much and I can’t stop now.

To be honest, there are not that many African American female bloggers that do what I do. You may be thinking, well such and such has a blog, but you have to remember some do it part-time, some do it as a hobby, while people like me do it professionally. Its really NOT that many African American females bloggers that have made a career out of it. Plus that are minorities that work with huge brands, paid campaigns, host events and that get paid for projects etc. Especially in my “demographics”. Thats what I mean by that. I have been invited to so many places that not too many African American bloggers have been to and thats what makes me keep going on. If I am not there, then who will be to represent us?

I have worked my butt off over the years but then every now and then, someone will recognize all the hard work that I do and will take notice but that is few and in between. Thats what can be so disturbing because there is really not a huge support system for African American female bloggers because we are so busy trying to be catty, figure out how we can compete with that person and up you one. Thats the distasteful part that I don’t really care for with blogging. I just stay in my lane, don’t bother anyone and do what I am suppose to do but some find me to be a “threat’ instead of trying to find creative and positive ways to work together. So many times I have featured other bloggers, highlighted them with their accomplishments but it falls on death ears, I sometimes never even can get a thank you or retweet smh! Yes, thats why I keep to myself and I find that to be much more easier because as we know, the more folks, the more drama…I’d rather not.

I think I keep going with this blog because its an outlet for me, I get to see and do some amazing things and I meet some really cool people along the way. Plus I have my loyal readers that I dont want to let down. Everything you do will have it’s up’s and downs but mainly its been pretty rewarding and just like with Captain Sarah, she crossed that finish line and I’m sure she felt a great sense of relief and accomplishment. Recently, I felt the same way when I was awarded for my hard work with my blog and I felt a sense of accomplishment too but as a blogger, I feel its still miles to go too! I have to keep pushing on, for all the people that will come after me, I have to keep hearing those no’s, the discrimination, the snubs, the hate, but with ALL of that drama, I have become strong and mighty just like Sarah! I’m keeping my eye on the prize and I salute you Captain Sarah Cudd for refusing to give up and you have truly inspired me as well. Till next time! xoxo

Check Out Captain Sarah Cudd’s victory video, very touching!

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